The Art of Movement

Art is hard to define, is it not? What is art?

This is, and always will be, a highly debated topic. To me, art is so much more than what you might find in a museum. Art can be both beautiful and ugly. It can be intellectual, emotional, an expression of oneself, a bowl of ramen, a video game, even a political movement. A pool of tranquility in the midst of our hectic world, or a violent shock to your comfortable routine.

Most people are familiar with the visual, performing, and literary arts, but what about the art of getting from point A to point B? I’m not talking about opening up Google Maps, and getting from your house to the nearest Chipotle. I’m talking about parkour and freerunning.

The art of movement. I have been interested in the beauty of freerunning from a young age. I love running fast, vaulting over obstacles, flipping off of walls, and the freedom I feel while doing so. It is, most certainly, an expression of oneself.

I am by no means the world’s greatest free-runner, but I do enjoy following those who are. In honor of National Women’s Month, I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most badass women I know of, who are taking the art of motion to the extreme, and constantly blurring the line between impossible and possible.

Take the time to watch these videos and feel the “flow” these athletes experience, vicariously. Also, I've linked their names to their Instagram pages so you can see all the dopeness they share!

Lynn Jung